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Are you aware of workplace infections?

Given the recent spate of bugs spreading like wildfire across workplaces, we thought it would be an appropriate time to post something about workplace infections.

Whether it’s a winter bug, a spring bug or a summer bug, workplace infections is the silent threat which can have a detrimental effect on your workforce, and your bottom line.

We’re sure you have experienced times throughout the year when there  is an increase in absence levels at the workplace – heck, we noticed it earlier this year and there seems to have been a mini revival over the Easter break…

Many businesses promote health lifestyles and working environment in an effort to keep their staff fit and bug-free. However, with an average office keyboard harbouring up to 20 million germs, are they missing quite literally what’s at the end of their fingertips??

In 2008, the consumer magazine Which? prepared a report which highlighted that computer keyboards can harbour more harmful bacteria than a toilet seat and counted the risk to users becoming ill as ‘QWERTY tummy‘.

This is a subject matter which any people prefer not to think about. For those businesses that value their staff, clients and visitors however, there are cost effective regular treatments of the office & workplace environment which will positively contribute to staff welfare, client satisfaction and hopefully, bottom line profitability.

Businesses need to be increasingly vigilant against the threat of workplace infections in the workplace as, in the current litigation climate, people are more include to consider legal action if they feel a company has been negligent in this area. Precedents have been set with recent court proceeding instigated following Norovirus outbreaks which adverse affected staff and customers at business premises.

If you’d like to find out more about how to manage workplace infection at your business premises, get in touch with The Organised Cleaning Company on 020 7458 4433 or email and we would  be happy to help.


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