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Tidy your office for a more productive workforce

We’re all guilty of it every now and again but with research proving that a cluttered desk leads to stress and lower productivity, it’s time to rally the troops and make a conscious effort to de-clutter and tidy their workspaces and create a productive workforce.

Even if you have an office cleaner, it is still important to ensure employees take responsibility for tidying their own desks and items to create a productive workforce. We’ve put together a few top tips to help you change your cluttered and untidy office into a welcoming and productive workspace.

Be organised

By organising your desk and making designated spaces for items, it should help avoid any unnecessary clutter being left on the desk. Productivity decreases if you’re spending valuable time searching for particular documents hidden under a pile of clutter. Also, if you do not have any loose pieces of important papers on your desk, it will lower the risk of these being thrown away as rubbish.

Be brutal

When organising your desk, make sure you are brutal with the items you keep. Most employees are guilty of keeping documents which they haven’t used for years. Go through your piles of paper and ask yourself: Have I used this? and Will I use it in the future? If the answer to both questions is no, you know exactly what to do – get rid of it. If you have private and confidential documents, it’s worth investing in a shredding machine to ensure these documents are destroyed properly. When you have decided on the items you are keeping, make sure you put them away in an organised manner.

Break the habit

Clutter in the office is often due to habit so now is the time to break the habit and start afresh (it only takes 21 days to start a new habit!). Set aside some time to clear up your office and do this on a regular basis. It will help you feel a lot calmer and motivated to work, as no one wants to face an untidy desk on a Monday morning. If you’re in a business where clients come to you for meetings, remember your office space is a reflection of your company so make sure you do not give your clients the wrong impression.

With research showing a clear link between clutter and stress, it’s important that employees keep their office environment in a tidy manner as this will lead to a happier and more productive workforce.

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