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Cost saving ideas for your cleaning service!

OCC - Logo Proof 1At The Organised Cleaning Company we’re always putting our clients first and in this post, we wanted to give you a couple of cost saving cleaning service – they really do work!

  1. Cost Saving Cleaning Service: Window Cleaning – This is easy! Halve your costs in a stroke by halving the frequency of cleans. A lot of companies go for 8 or 12 weekly or even 17 weekly cleaning. If you’ve got a prominent glass reception in a busy street then keep that part frequent, but otherwise there’s no reason to keep the rest of your glass at the same frequency!

2. Cost Saving Cleaning Service: Reduce the Cleaning Spec – Do the carpets really need hoovering every day? Do meeting rooms need to be cleaned every day or once a week? The only things that normally need doing on a regular basis are receptions, meeting rooms, toilets, kitchens and bins being emptied.

3. Cost Saving Cleaning Service: Crockery & Cutlery – If you have more than 20 times per night that need to be cleaned, a dishwasher will save money over the course of a year. Less than that and a lot of companies are now asking staff to clean their own dishes.

Other items to consider are hygiene units (never pay more than £100 per unit per annum), waste management (recycle as much as possible to reduce landfill tax and waste disposal costs) and paper products (no need to go cheap but avoid expensive 3 ply white paper towels!).

For more information or for a fresh quote for your office cleaning and janitorial supplies why not contact The Organised Cleaning Company on 020 7458 4433, email us at or visit our website at and submit your request online!

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