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Confessions of office cleaners…

At The Organised Cleaning Company, we always want to make sure that client and prospective clients are well informed about the cleaning service they should be receiving. We thought it would be useful to give you a heads up on three of the biggest confessions most office cleaners can tell:

Confession #1 – Working a full shift??

You must be joking! If we come in late in the evening or first thing in the morning, no one knows when we arrive & leave. Empty bins, spray some cleaning fluid around, pick up some papers and a quick wipe around the toilets and we’re out the door – it’s amazing how little we can get away with!!

Suggested Solution – Ensure your cleaning company has an electronic log in & out programme which produces reports for office cleaners. These are essential to help you see how much time is being spent on site.

Confession #2 –  Proof of ID??

Office cleaners that are claiming benefits and can’t afford to be caught! Besides it’s only minimum wage….

Suggested Solution  – Get written commitment from your cleaning company that they obtain stringent proof of address (i.e. bank statement or utility bill) plus passport/ID card and take a photo of them. Also ask what their vetting procedure is and whether they pay a premium on the National Minimum Wage – with cleaning, paying the cheapest is often a false economy.

Confession #3 – Colour coding & Cross-contamination??

I haven’t got time for that and no one ever knows if you use the same cloth on the loo seat as in the basin!

Suggested Solution – Ask for confirmation from your cleaning company that they operate a colour coding scheme. Ask managers if they know basic colour coding rules and check that they apply to cloths mops, buckets & gloves.

If you suspect your cleaners are doing the bare minimum, or are less than 100% committed to providing an outstanding level or service then why not contact The Organised Cleaning Company for a free no obligation quote! Contact us on , email us at or visit our website at and submit your request online.

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