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“Students make the best tenant” – FOR REAL!

Surveys consistently find that student tenants pay rent promptly, have parents or guardians guaranteeing payment and provide a year-on-year demand for properties. A variety of reports confirm that student landlord receive some of the highest yields in the UK property market.

Unlike other rented properties there is always constant demand for student accommodation. The question is, what do student tenants want? Over the past few years there has been a definite shift in terms of what student tenants want from their accommodation. There will always be a market for traditional house share, student have reported to pay up to 70% extra for luxury accommodation.

Location is also essential as a short walk to Uni means students don’t have to pay for extra travel passes and can have longer lie-ins. Other musts include high quality furnishings as well as fast and reliable internet (think the recent BT Broadband adverts!).

Managing a student property can sometimes put more pressure on landlords, particularly due to the perceived nature of this market being dirty, untidy and generally having a lack of respect for the property they live in. Managing your own student property will have it’s own headaches, but one thing we can help with is to make sure that the property is cleaned and maintained at the end of each semester with our pre & end of tenancy cleaning and property maintenance service.

If you’d like help with your student property cleaning and maintenance requirements, why not  contact The Organised Cleaning Company on 020 7458 4433, email us at or visit our website and submit your enquiry online.

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