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Periodical Office Cleaning Guide

Here is why  Periodical Office Cleaning skills can come in handy: You walk into an office that is messy, unclean and smelly? Not only would you risk annoying your employees but also risk creating a bad first impression for potential clients!  A clean office provides its employees with a healthy and happy working environment and we would suggest hiring professional cleaning contractors to do the job.

However, but if you’d rather clean the office yourself, we’ve pulled together a handy list which may help for Periodical Office Cleaning:

1. Preparing to clean

Keep all the cleaning solutions, equipment and accessories for the task handy. Remember to put up safety signs in areas where you will be cleaning. Keep wipes, disinfectant sprays, mop, soft cloth, duster and vacuum cleaner in an accessible store cupboard in the office.

You can also ask staff to carry out small cleaning tasks like wiping their tables, washing up crockery & cutlery and keeping their desks tidy.

2. Daily cleaning

Before you leave office each night, look around to see if there are any papers that can be tossed into the recycling bin. Vacuum the carpet and spot clean any spills. Wipe down desks, and clean the kitchen area, especially emptying bins. If you have toilets in the office, these will also need to be cleaned. Keep wipes, diluted detergent and microfiber cloth handy for these tasks.

3. Weekly cleaning

Use a dry cloth to dust all cabinets and shelves. Use a disinfectant spray and soft cloth or paper towel to wipe tables, telephones, keyboards and Dust or wipe clean all surfaces low traffic areas. It might be useful to have a weekly clear desk and clear fridge policy so that these areas can be cleaned (and prevent any dodgy smells!)

4. Monthly cleaning

Vacuum all vents and clear the ceiling of any cobwebs. Use a newspaper and some water to wipe clean the window panes, make sure you get rid of all finger prints. Alternatively, you can arrange professional window cleaners to get this task done. Vacuum all the carpets and upholstery; don’t forget to clean under the table and hard to reach places. You can also consider polishing the tables and chair with a furniture polish to give it a refurbished shine.

5. Bi-annual cleaning

Every six months it is recommended that you carry out a deep clean of the office, including the office windows, carpets and upholstery. If the furniture looks tired and worn out then apply some furniture polish and re-polish the hard floors in the office with commercially available solutions. Wash all removable and washable upholstery, door mats and rugs.

It is important to follow a regular cleaning schedule and if time does not permit you to clean the office yourself, then get in touch with your nearest cleaning agency. Most cleaning companies are equipped with professional products and equipment that can reinstate your carpets, sparkle your windows and make your office look spotlessly clean. Hope our 5 tips help with your Periodical Office Cleaning. Happy Cleaning.

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