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What are your top office gripes?

While you read this, you’re likely to be sat at your desk in an office. As you’re sat there is a colleague annoying you by eating noisily or talking too loudly on the phone?! One of many office gripes that happen every day.

With millions of us working in an office every day, it is hardly surprising that there are a few things that annoy us about our colleagues or working environment and we are bound to run in to some office gripes.

What’s interesting to us at The Organised Cleaning Company is that rather than professional bug bears, such as people not taking ownership for their actions, it’s food and cleanliness grievances that come out on top.

office gripes: Messy colleagues and dirty communal areas are a big bugbear for staff.

Leaving festering food in the fridge, colleagues failing to wash up after themselves, unclean cups on the side, stacks of unwashed plates, people not cleaning the microwave after their Pot Noodle explodes – all major gripes, and often leading to snarky round-robin emails.

What are your top office gripes? Share them via our Twitter page @TheOrgCleanCo or post a comment on our Facebook page using #officegripes and remember to give us a call on 020 7458 4433 if you need a hand with your office cleaning!

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