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Choosing a professional cleaning service…

Whether you’re looking to have a spring clean carried out, need someone to clean your office daily or have you’re rental flat cleaned before a new tenancy, choosing a professional cleaning company is not as hard as you think. Make sure you know your budget & what your requirements are and then:

  1. Check out websites for choosing professional cleaning company working in your area and find the one that provides you with all of the solutions you need – whether this includes carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning and maybe even giving your place a lick of paint! Without a doubt, the most comprehensive professional cleaning company or companies have a myriad of cleaning services and solutions for every stain, and yet that`s only a hint of their advantages. There are others that can offer waste removal, property maintenance and specialist cleaning services if required.
  2. Depending on the type of cleaning you need, you can either request a quote online (i.e. end of tenancy cleaning, spring cleaning, carpet cleaning) or arrange for a site visit so you can run through your requirements.
  3. You should know in advance what exactly places and rooms you have to clean, whether they need just a simple freshening like wiping off dust or deodorizing, or maybe it comes to deep cleaning of a sofa with old leather upholstery. Take notes while strolling through every room and highlight the objects that need deep cleaning or these with the heaviest stains.

Once you’re set, there are loads of advantages to hiring a professional cleaning company instead of doing everything by yourself!

  • Professional cleaners are well experienced and they know the best cleaning solutions for the different objects, rooms, upholstery, windows, etc. From choosing the exact professional detergents and equipment to using the best cleaning techniques and getting the best results will save you time and money in the long run.
  • With carpet cleaning, you definitely want to choose a cleaning company that can get your carpets and furniture rid of the dirtiest blemishes and stains and make your carpets look as good as new!
  • When it comes to floors of all different types, usually vacuuming & mopping is not enough to achieve a flawless effect, so a deep clean at least once a year is very essential part of the maintenance. This includes cleaning with machines like floor scrubbers. You can rent a deep cleaning machine and to do the rest by yourself, but it should be better (and much less hassle!) if you called the professionals.
  • Finally, by appointing professional cleaners you can rest assured that the clean will take a fraction of the time as it would if you did it yourself. From dealing with heavy stained objects, to upholstery, getting dirt & dust off walls or cleaning the carpet or the rug, professional cleaners know where to start and what to finish with all in one day.

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    Thank you for the help. My wife and I are hoping to hire a maid service for the first time in the near future. I definitely want to get a quote on the job first. How many quotes would you get and compare before choosing a service?

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      Hi Justin, we would suggest 2/3 quotes to get an idea of the price range. Apart from price you want to bear in mind the overall service that you will be getting which includes things like communication, consistency with the cleaner and if you’re letting someone into your home, you want to make sure you can trust them so the service must confirm that they’ve carried out the right background checks.

      Let me know if you have any other questions and we’d be happy to help!

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    Thank you for the help. The company that I work for is looking for a commercial cleaning service. I think we need to have a more firm plan of what we need, as you discussed. How thorough do you recommend we ask a commercial cleaning service to be?

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      Hi Justin, thanks for your message. If you want a quality service you need the cleaning company to be as thorough as possible. They should find out your specific requirements, plan for quarterly or b-annual deep cleans, provided vetted staff and cover where required amongst a host of other things. Ultimately, you get what you pay for so if you’re prepared to pay a little more for your service you should get the quality you are after. The posy that we have prepared should be used as a guide and you can add your own requirements to it.

      Any other questions we’d be happy to help!

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    I like your tip to know in advance which rooms I want the commercial cleaning service to clean. I think I’ll have them just clean my basement and living room this time. I’m throwing a baby shower for a friend and the guests will really only be in the basement. I’m sure the commercial cleaning service will do great. Thanks!

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      Hi Annie, that’s great – we’re glad the article has helped. If you have any specific questions please let us know, otherwise good luck with choosing your service! Thanks


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