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Make sure you clean the communal areas of your office Part II

Commercial Cleaning Offer from The Organised Cleaning Company

Many companies without commercial cleaners tend to have a cleaning rota where staff take it in turns to clean the office. However, by hiring a commercial cleaner, you will be able to benefit from their skills and expertise and it will also mean that staff can focus on the most important thing – completing their work.

A bug bear for many employees according to research is an overflowing bin. So if you start seeing the bin overflow – empty and replace it – don’t just leave it for the next person. The same can be said for dishwashers. Often, a lot of employees will try and avoid emptying the dishwasher and we’ve all seen those offices where plates have been piled up in the sink just because no one can be bothered to empty the dishwasher. To avoid this situation, create a rota whereby staff take it in turns emptying the dishwasher. Therefore, not only does this solve the problem of the dishwasher being emptied but also make sure no staff members feel like they are constantly left to do it.

Toilets are also an area which needs to be constantly cleaned and monitored. The thought of a dirty toilet area, including sticky floors, is a major factor in employee de-motivation. Not many employees want to be tasked with cleaning the office toilets so it may be time for you to consider a commercial cleaner who will ensure these areas are thoroughly cleaned and smell fresh every day. Aside from being kept clean, it’s also important to have plenty of supplies such as toilet rolls and soap handy for employees.  Make sure that all staff members know where the spare supplies are kept and refill when needed.

Whilst the kitchen and bathroom are two of the most important communal areas to keep clean for staff motivation, if your office has meeting rooms and a reception area, it is key to ensure these are regularly cleaned so that your company gives off the best reputation to any potential clients. Always ensure coffee machines are refilled and that there are plenty of clean cups on hand for meetings. Make a rule for your employees that dirty cups have to be taken out and not left in the room for others to clean up.

Following these tips should help make your work place a better environment and, as a result, employees should be more motivated to work harder and committed to the company. If you do not have an office cleaner, speak to a few commercial cleaning companies to find out about their services as investing in reputable and reliable cleaners will help your employees and business thrive.

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