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Make sure you clean the communal areas of your office Part II

Many companies without commercial cleaners tend to have a cleaning rota where staff take it in turns to clean the office. However, by hiring a commercial cleaner, you will be able to benefit from their skills and expertise and it will also mean that staff can focus on the most important thing – completing their work. […]

Preparing your property for cold & adverse weather!

With the prolonged cold snap & flooding we’re currently facing, there are lots of things a landlord can do to make sure that they protect their investment and keep your tenants dry & warm to keep the right temperature  for rented properties! We would always recommend preparing for the worst as early as possible to […]

How to hire professional cleaners to carry out an end of tenancy clean of your property!

Congratulations! You’re moving to a new place and you’re really excited to be able to finally leave the place you currently live in for pastures new. Whilst you may find yourself experiencing bitter sweet feelings, one thing you’re definitely sure of is that you’re far too tired to clean your old place, with what you’ve been […]

Begin the spring with a fantastic spring clean!

Springtime is nearly here and there are so many things to spring clean at the beginning of the spring that you can often forget something. On the other hand, one can be tempted to rush while cleaning the carpets, sofas, kitchen or bathroom tiles. Changing and arranging clothes your wardrobe is only a small part of what`s to […]

9 Surprising Office Germ Havens Part I

Following on from our January post regarding tips for keeping your office germ free, we thought it would be useful to be more specific as to where you are most likely to come across germs in the office. As a result, we’ve devised a three part guide on germ haven, with this the first of […]

How to avoid bad tenants!

This article is for all you buy-to-let landlords who manage their own property portfolio. Every now and then we come across useful nuggets of information and recently we came across the top five tips on how to avoid bad tenants, which we thought would be useful to share with you. As you well know, the […]

Amazing! A cleaning company that’s committed to providing excellent cleaning service!

We’re thrilled to announce that The Organised Cleaning Company is now a Clensa Approved organisation! Clensa is the UK’s only cleaning company accreditation body set up to raise the standards in the industry, providing certification and recognition to those companies who already provide impeccable service with the aim of improving consumer confidence. So what does this […]

Make sure you clean the communal areas of your office Part I

The key to any successful business is keeping staff motivated. There are many ways of achieving this, such as cash bonuses and vouchers. However, often business owners forget how simple things, such as having a clean and tidy office, can really make a difference to staff morale.Whilst it’s difficult to change the habits of hoarders […]