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In the beginning….. was all just an idea, and idea to start something that reflects eco-friendly cleaning business based in London. It came to me almost 4 years ago. I had just lost my job after qualifying as solicitor at the height of the credit crunch. I decided to qualify into the property department of a West End law firm and unfortunately, along with the finance sector, the property sector took a big hit once the crunch started to bite.

I had an 8 month hiatus from law and aside from relentlessly looking for jobs in the legal sector, I thought of a number of ideas to start a business*. The one idea which stuck out and seemed the most appealing was to start something to do with cleaning companies. I enjoy cleaning. Does that sound bizarre?? It’s a trait that has stuck with me from a young age, having been brought up in a very clean and tidy household, and it has stuck with me all these years. I find cleaning therapeutic (at times) and it can be rewarding to transform a flat (or a house, an office, retails space etc (substitute accordingly)) from being dusty and disorganised into a clean and tidy space.

After carrying out some preliminary research, I found that starting a cleaning business required a relatively low-level of initial investment compared with other business start-ups. Unfortunately, that’s as far as I got at the time as my primary focus was on getting some post-qualification experience and clearing my debts – and that required a full-time job with a guaranteed salary!!

Fast forward to today and here I am – A solicitor with three years post-qualification experience and disenchanted with the legal profession. I am ready to take up a new challenge and have a great desire to follow-up on my initial thoughts of starting a cleaning company and turn it into a successful business.

“But why go green?” you might ask. I have to admit, I am not an eco-activist or pro-Greenpeace. I do recycle, I cycle to work, I use public transport and I am aware of my carbon footprint. I am also aware of the changing nature of the UK economy and that the “Green Economy” is growing bigger and bigger each year. Organisations are becoming more aware of their corporate social responsibility, the government is steadily introducing measures to help the UK reduce its carbon emissions and to use alternative energy and people in the UK are growing more aware of the impact that they are having on the environment. I want to play my part in preserving it for the future (for the kids!), however big or small that part may be.

Using eco-friendly cleaning products that are developed in the UK, do not contain chemicals that are damaging to ourselves and the environment and are just as effective (if not better) than the toxic products on the market are all plus points. Creating a company that uses these products, encourages eco-friendly management processes and introduces them to businesses should have a positive impact on the environment and enable The Organised Cleaning Company to play a part in the Green Economy.

Anyway, enough of the prelude. The purpose of this blog, as subsequent posts will show, is to give you a step by step guide to my journey on setting up an eco-friendly cleaning business. My aim is to provide information on matters such as setting up a company, carrying out market research, sourcing eco-friendly suppliers, branding the company, getting my head round finances, dealing with the tax man, employing people and eventually, implementing environmental management processes and launching the company and growing it into what I hope will be a very successful eco-friendly cleaning business.

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Until the next post…

The OC

*As a footnote, I did start an ebay business as well, initially selling my own stuff (clothes, accessories, CD’s DVD’s etc), then selling good stock found in charity stores or car boot sales and anything else which family and friends wanted selling, as long as I got my cut of the sale price! I still have this cleaning business as an aside and at times, it does provide a handy second income. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure!
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    Hi Ruth, thanks for your comment to my blog post. I am glad that you find this useful. I hope that you have read my subsequent posts and I encourage you to subscribe to the blog for future updates. You will see that my latest post was on marketing and business planning which I hope you found just as useful! If you are on twitter, please follow me (@OrganisedClean) for daily updates on my progress of The Organised Cleaning Company.The OC


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